12 years have passed
The red roses i put in the colorless vase have dried up
Every year i pluck fresh roses from the garden
Put it in your favorite flower vase
And wait for you to come home
Because i was a slave to your love
You promised to come home to me
War called you to a faraway land

2 months was all we had to be together
Tears wouldn’t stop falling for your arms
My heart kept singing a sad love song
You never wanted to leave my arms lonely
3 years i still hoped
I swore to never let another near my heart
Silent vows were made to love and to cherish
Until death did us part

I still wait
I still dream
I still scream
For you to come back home

12 years have passed
I am still a slave to your love
My weary arms touch this black and white photograph of you
Somehow i feel like i am touching your cheeks
Where in this universe are you
Is your heart beating for me still
I am alone again on Valentines Day
Staring at these withered red roses
No word from the army
Have they forgotten you
Have you forgotten me

My mind is collapsing
My spirit is crumbling
My heart is crushing
My body is crawling
My bones are creaking

12 years have almost broken me down
My lips have dried up
Because yours have gone
Seasons have rendered our garden bare
I no longer have strength to tend to it
I am so tired
Doctor says i will soon start to forget
He lies only to himself
I can never forget your voice
How sweetly you smelt

Darling, my sweet darling
I hear your voice from far away
I see a blurry image of you
Yet i cannot move
Conciousness is fast leaving me

12 years of being a slave to your love
I have waited
You are here
Yet i am leaving you alone on Valentines Day

Copyright February 2016
Mulunga Alukwe

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