I have been waiting for you
Listening to music change in rhythm
Have traveled the road of lonely hearts
Learnt to drink in beauty alone
Have existed without a special touch
Every new sunrise i have hope
Loving me first
What mama taught me to do
Have cleared my cluttered heart

Dusted dreams i had closed up
Richness of laughter i have known
The pleasure of smelling sweet roses
Breathing in, the rain in Springtime
Letting rain fall on my warm face
Every beauty i have embraced
Loved less than i should have
Now i see you there alone
Months have run past this race
November playfully calls at me
I know the year is ending
I have not loved anyone since January
I had left a love that exhausted its time
I have been told about you
I know you need simple love
A new start at falling in love again
Our souls seem to speak one language
Take my hand
Grant me permission to love you
Please be mine before Christmas

Copyright October 2015
Mulunga Alukwe


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