I seek not understanding
I am not after your rescue of my soul
You who look at me with disdain
Judging from the corners of your eyes
I see you
Shaking your head in condemnation
You have not walked an inch in my dusty boots
You drive by with your heavy vehicles
Splashing water on my muddy shoes

I see you

Putting your hand in your fattened wallets Boss, just grease your hands with this fifty shillings
Forget this ever happened
I will take your money
Every crumpled fifty i collect fattens my wallet
I feel no shame
Call me a corrupt police
Nickname me greedy cop
Even say i steal from the common man
Am i not the common man too
My soul i sold to the papered roads of highways
I see you
Offer me a bribe to freely pass through the border
Heavy illegal goods on the back of that trailer
Who am i to say no to crisp clean money
New money
Old money
They’re all money to me
Crumpled money
Still sharply new
They’re all money to me
This corrupt man you fondly call deserves every penny
You understand not the danger that lurks on the roadside
Wild animals that prowl near check points
How many bullets do you perceive i have survived
How many times has my wife cried for lack of food
Do you know of the metal sheet i call home
I see you
Eating your fine meals in finer restaurants
I think to myself
Even dogs eat crumbs that fall off their master’s table
So when your meal is done
I will wait for you at the check point
And demand my share of the common man’s sweat
Of course you will give me that bribe
I will demand for it
Fifty shillings is crumbs my itchy fingers will wait for
Money trickles down to me, i trickle down to my own
I see you
Looking down at this blue uniform
Talk you shall
Take i shall
Crumbs falling from my master’s table
Are what my hands feeds them with
I’m not looking for forgiveness
I sold my dignity to this souless rat race
You will give me that bribe
Let’s not pretend you hate corruption
You and i know this

Copyright March 2016
Mulunga Alukwe


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