I have seen a mother abandon her new born
Rescued from the pit latrine
By angry neighbours who vied for her blood
She was nowhere to be seen
I have heard a father molested his daugter
News blasted in the 7 Oclock news
Broken mother strengtless in tears
Neighbours singing for mob justice
I have read a stepmother burnt her son
Scars, raw wounds drawn on his back

Women crying for the child’s pain
Neighbours planning for a man hunt for her
Society filled with vices
Men hunting men for wealth
Women hunting women for power
Youth up in arms trying to survive
News filled with heart wrenching emotions
I have seen tears that never end
Pain that accumulates in mouths
Anger that no one knows where to put
Fights for survival
Fights for existence
Fights for tolerance
Yet more fights for what is right
It never dawns that pain ends
Sufferings will stop at some point
I see deaths that don’t stop
Hungry children giving up on hope
The poor suffocate
In the lives that they dread living in
Sicknesses devour mentality
Blood shed at the hands of innocence
Society’s ills stretch my mind
Infectious diseases overcome
Yet hope rises in the belly of life
Ills against man
Ills against woman
Ills against child
Life will still be beautiful
I will not fear living now
Everything i’ve seen won’t break me down

Copyright April 2016
Mulunga Alukwe

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