I have been running
I have fallen so many times
Scraped my knees on the ground
Had raw elbows from falling
The wind has been beating at me
Storms have not eluded me yet
I am out of breath from running
My chest is exhausted from wheezing
Even coughs will not stop beating at me

All my muscles have been weakened
Running has not been good to me
A thirsty throat i fight off
Hunger pangs reign supreme
Droplets of heavy rain
Beat on my creased forehead
Where else is one to stop and stare
Bad choices keep haunting me
Harrowing experiences are my nightmare
I cannot get away from all this
A wrecked car in the lonesome highway
Burning smoke
Unchartered fires spread wildly
I need to stop running
Bruises artistically drawn on the skin
Trying to find meaning in the crazy
Sycamore trees are in full bloom
Suddenly clouds begin to thunder
Still i cannot stop running
Feet stealthily carrying on towards east
I am lost
So lost
Deeply lost
Still i lift my frail hands
Heavy with the burdens of life
Cornered into submission
Wet hair painting masses of sweat
I keep holding on
Yet still letting go of sanity of mind
Salacious morbidity in judgement
A storm is coming from the west
Running i shall, so
Find me in the hurricane
Maybe then
You can find my real love

Copyright March 2016
Mulunga Alukwe


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