The night was still young
Soft breezes swept past the night
Trees softly swaying to the slow wind
Moonlight lit the sky in full sight
A slow night with no expectations
Night cteatures slowly tucked in readiness for the night
He walked under the street lamps
Mind wondering nowhere
Calming breaths filling his nostrils

A medicine to his tired chest
Suddenly a shadow fell infront of him
Looking up he saw her illuminated by the moon
She seemed oblivious to his eyes
With no music in the air
She began to dance on the balcony
Slowly swaying to a music
That seemed to be playing in her head
He watched her swirl
Gracefully move on her tip toes
Like she danced with a phantom knight
Fascinated he watched her still
Drinking in the curves that defined her
The bossom that rocked in rythm with her waist
Everytime she clutched at her chest
He felt the full emotion in her anguish
Her negligee hung onto her body
Like it was afraid she would toss it away
Lace delicately framing her femininity
He watched her twirl
Delicately move on her heels
Like dance was sculpted around her
Mesmerised he watched her still
Swallowing in her sculptured lips that beckoned
Frozen in this moment he was
Breathless in this second he became
He should have left
Yet his feet refused to obey his will
He wouldn’t regret this bewitching
She still danced some more
He still watched her dance some more
The places he wished he could take her
The places he wished he could lay her down
Wind was moving no more
The night was now aging
The music seemed to stop suddenly
Then off the balcony she leapt


Copyright February 2016
Mulunga Alukwe


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