She met him at a dance on Friday
How lucky was she to find him
A man among many abled men
Flattered that he wanted her as his own
Chuckling like a little girl
In his experienced arms
Fall deeply in love she did
Without a care in the world she said yes
He was everything every woman wanted

He was her world
Her entire happiness revolved around him
I have everything, her heart contented
His hold on her was perfect
His jealousy she found endearing
A beautiful white pearl necklace
He gently put it around her neck
Kissing her jawline professing love
“You are only mine dearest” he uttered
Words her heart beat faster for
If this is what happiness looked like
She wanted more of it everyday…
A blistering pain lashed at her face
All blood rushing paling her skin
She thought she was waking from a nightmare
Eyes that stared angrily at her, she could not recognise
It felt like having an out of body experience
Had he just hit her?
No way, It couldn’t be, Not my dearest
Please wake me up from this nightmare
Her whole body froze
Seeing him coming at her
Rage had left those eyes
Was it fear, regret, realization she saw
“Forgive me dearest, i didn’t mean to”
Her lip was bleeding
Pain burnt her ribs, arms, chest
Head spinning, she realized she had been on the floor
Was it fear that kept her grounded
Or was her strength completely gone
Feet wanted to run, she couldn’t will them to
Everything seemed to go in slow motion
As he lifted her up, cleaned her lip,
rubbed ointment on her arms and ribs then put her to bed
“This is not happening” words kept singing at her
A beautiful sunrise woke her up
He was gone. She had to leave. Now
She still remembered that first time
Three years ago
He never kept his promise
Her pearls reminded her of happier times
In love, content and protected
Now they felt like a chain around her neck
A burning rope chocking her
She finally threw away her pearls
Into the deep of the darkened river
Wind soothing her aching jaw
Her bleeding heart
She said
“I am free to be me”

Copyright October 2015
Mulunga Alukwe



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