Its 29th February 2016 my darling
Another Leap Year i get to spend with you
50 years together you still make my heart fall over itself
Your velvet soft touches still draw goosebumps on my arms
Hairs on my body become electrified when yours are close
I still pant after your epic kiss
That collapses my nervous system with its intensity
Careful you don’t kiss the daylights out of me

I can never get enough of your aged laughter
I love the sound of it coming from your full chest
Forgive my indescretion my darling
Yet it is so true
Every Leap Year i remember the Vows we made
To have and to hold
I am in awe that you still have me in your heart
You still hold me on your bosom for warmth
Day i lifted the veil off your magnificent face
Was the day i swore i no longer live just for me
You are the very essence of romance engraved on stone
Every breath i took meant everything
Knowing it was another moment on your comforting laps
The children you bore for me have cemented my existence in this life
You know not the only secret i have kept from you
This year’s Leap Year i shall confess my heart’s fault
I knew someday you would be mine
Remember when we were 10 and you pushed me to the ground
After i had bullied your cat
My ego was hurt
Yet my heart was healed knowing you were to be mine
Distance separated us yet my heart would not let go
10 years passed i found my knees on the floor
All alone in that closet
Praying to see you again
I never loved another
I kept them away from my heart
You were my first Romance and so shall be my last
Behind those glasses
I look into your eyes that love me irrevocably
Look into mine and see more love than my heart can contain
A kiss for the next Leap Year we get to spend together
You are my intimate prayer answered

Copyright 29th February 2016
Mulunga Alukwe


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