I want to tame this saxophone
Have an adventure with it
Enjoy every moment for the rest of my life
This piece of instrument created for jazz
I am fascinated even awed by it
I know it needs to be assembled
Then put around the neck
I need to learn to hold the instrument correctly
Left hand on the top

Right hand steading the bottom
Every of my fingers know where to play
Lips pressing firmly
Curling around the mouth piece
Then blowing in to create sound
I now need to find some music to play
The Saxophone
A romantic musical instrument
I look at her play it with finesse
The way her heart pulsates
Chest moving up and down to draw breath
Makes me want to play the saxophone more
Musical notes dance in my ear
My heart beats to each rythmn
Watching her play on
I have mastered this instrument
Tamed it into submission
The way her soft hair swings as she plays
I know i want to learn it
She is my musical muse

Copyright April 2016
Mulunga Alukwe


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