You promised to give me the world
I am standing bare feet in Nairobi
Looking at the skies
On the soft grasses of Uhuru Park
Breathing in every singular breath
I see the beautiful skyline
KICC towering the buildings in the sky
Satellites atop the I&M building
A Johnie Walker advert on the Barclays building

Is this the world you promised
A horse neighs behind me
As the carousel filled with happy children
Goes round and round and round
Amidst this laughter
The carefree wind of bonding families
I wait for your shadow to cover mine
Heels in hand i dig deeper into the grass
So good yet for a fleeting moment
Evening dawn is fast approaching
Less laughter dilutes the air
Face painted little ones
Skipping along with their tired parents
Patience, i must have been blessed with it

You promised to give me the world
I am still standing in Nairobi
Looking at the sun fading
On the concrete path of Uhuru Park
Taking in double breaths of near anger
I see the traffic piling on
Street lights begin to glare the soft evening
Parliament building lights start to illuminate
I see the big clock ticking away
The carousel is empty, unmoving
Grass on my bare feet is now cold
I can no longer wait for your shadow
Distant whispers of bodies
Hurriedly walking past my frame
Birds already nesting on thorny trees
I should not be alone at Uhuru Park

Arms clutching my blue silk scarf
I walk the beaten path towards the city
It must be so warm inside
I find myself wandering into Steers
Delicious aroma of French Fries engulfing me
One last bite and you stand before me
You promised to give me the world
I am still sitting at a Cafe in Nairobi
Now i want to see the Eiffel Tower

Copyright March 2016
Mulunga Alukwe


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