Give me your word i will not hurt again
Promise me you will change your ways
I have loved only you
I have devoted my heart to yours
Given you all my attention
I have held you in my arms
To nurse you when you lay sick in bed
I have delighted your taste buds
With food that was always your favorite

I listened to your cry at night
When you mourned your lost job
Stood by you when you felt unmanned by your peers
Laughter has never ceased from my lips
At your humour that lightened my heart
You are the only love i have not regretted

I stayed when the affair with Judy ended
You said you felt neglected by me
Thats why you found your way to her arms
I hurt so bad i wanted to hurt you too
Yet strength failed me when i wanted to walk away
Mother told me to forgive a weak man
Charmed by the whiles of a wicked woman
You on your knees a sight that i could not bear to see
My arms still desparately wanted you back
Was i foolish to forgive for deep love

I stayed again when Stacy brought your daughter at our door
How did our life turn into a badly scripted play
I now mourned our murdered trust
Why was i here
Why did love still exist
I left
I ran
I collapsed
Father told me to forgive a foolish man
Bewitched by the weakness of his manhood
You in tears tugged an already weakened heart
Is this what loving unconditionally should be
I need a lifetime to breath this exhaustion

If i stay
Should i stay

Copyright March 2016
Mulunga Alukwe


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