strip club in tel aviv

I sit on this ledge
Wondering how goes life
When is it ever wrong to not love less
This journey i take
Amidst fighting thoughts in my brain
Stepping into the limelight
Sorrows lay, laughter mingled with insanity
An enemy of the city streets
Lurking inside poisoned alleys

Lies a secret worth stealing for
There’s loud music, blinding lights
She twerks to the rusty beats of a broken Sony sound
Nights seems smoky
Snorts from Malboro cigarettes
Air laiden with Brandy whisky tonics
Stirred not shaken, James, James Bond
Expensive Flutes float on waiters’ trays
Clinks of Chardonny white wines
He bellows like a slithering snake
Loud music blinding lights
Its Uptown melody
Forks of silver repute
Style in dinning upgraded
Hanging tuxedo
Thong on the lap
He slightly breaths a stir
Red heel stilettos
Insanity soddened night crawlers
A beat of expensive Amarula
Crystal glass appreciates Arthur Guiness’s signature
Hands undeniably filthy
Its only loud music blinding lights
Up in the middle of a sullen night
It’s dance time
Minds seeing double
Fingers tempted to touch
Blurry rainbow lights
This night shift fades quickly
Live band, loud guitars
Yet swallowed by amassing drum beats
Johnnie Walker prances past
With Grants’ right on his heel
Top cream society moneyed with no shame
Social lite
Or Social ill
Where goes this deepened veil
Laughter bubbling
Drunken throats sing
More bum shakes
Loud music blinding lights
Can i sit and watch
Hold my chosen brew, cheers
To lights that blind and loud music that deafens
Man eat man society is
Deaf and blind yet we are
Jameson says hi
Deal broken
Bloody noses
Angry bouncer
Loud music muffles yelps
Blinding lights muzzles bruised egos
My my it’s only 11pm
I sit on this ledge
Wondering how goes life
I hear loud music
I see blinding lights

Copyright March 2016
Mulunga Alukwe

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