A torn down world will revive
Breaths caught under the sun
Wasting a rainfall
Mists begin their revenge
Music, where’s that music
Moments are fleeting
Like dust in the wind
They disappear
Yet they make part of what we are

Make the moments your own
Maybe then
You can control their existence
Times standing still
Winds frozen in a speck of sandy shores
Belief caused lacks
Purple raids become rally
Calls of whispers
Do i settle
Green grasses you have been
Now can you be
Thoughts, thoughless, thought

She, a girl who cries a lot
Sometimes hates life when mad
Taken too long to accept her worthiness
Hurts easy, been hurt too much
She fears dying alone
She’s lil o’l her
Still learning life
Freak in a moment of gladness
She’s my little poison berry
She will revive my world
Catch my breath in the sun
Waste not this rainfall
She my revenge of mists
Moments stand still, too still
She will disappear in me
She cannot love anyone
Yet i choose to love her
I will settle in her bossom
Poisoned in death and life
She remains my little poison berry

Copyright March 2016
Mulunga Alukwe


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