Dear Clarissa,

Tomorrow is Valentines Day. My heart tumbles over at the thought of you. To think of your kind words illuminates my nights. Ma’am you have escaped with the very essence that is me. Your sweetness gives me calm evenings.

Bright are my mornings at the thought of your laughter. Clarissa my very breath. You have charmed this gentleman’s nerves. Every inch of me yearns for your voice. A voice i long so my heart can’t stop thudding. Your tenderness makes me forget the horribleness of war. Every explosive sounds like a distant dream. Just because your locket sits near my heart.


Beads of sweat escape my brow early morning. Wishing i was back in your warm arms. Clarissa my morning dew. How i wish for your lips to calm my loneliness. Thicket fences have become too familiar. I await our embrace, when i shall stand near your bosom. Could nights be any colder? My love for you transcends reality. Orange dawns i reminisce your velvet skin singing to me.

I am wearied by this darkness of war. Ma’am only your scent keeps me awake. Anticipating seeing you again keeps me alive, sane and quenched. I wish to dance with you again. Bury myself in your ever flowing cistern. Then listen to you hum our love music. You have my heart. You have my body. You have my mind. You have my soul. Drearest Clarissa, i long for your touch.

Yours Always

Copyright February 2016
Mulunga Alukwe


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