You try to be her
You try to become him
Life’s moments you have wasted
Living a lie
Just to please her
Just to capture him
Times seems to escape your hands
Breaths seem to desert your heart
Feet running
And running
And running

Away from what is rightly so
Give in to the truth
Let what is right protect you
You never fit her heels
You never fit his boots
Yours is where your feet should be
In your own shoes
Living like you owe life your existence
Is never pardoned in the book of earthly living
Create your space
Mount your own picture frame
Let glassy sealings not define your dreams
Glass doors
Open to more glass doors
You have wasted miles
In someone else’s shoes
Life created in a moment
May escape your hands
Feel your heartbeat
Let your feet run their own rythm
Dance the song of ages
Live without regret
Taste without the guilt
Make love without resolve
Don’t be in anyone else’s shoes
You cannot fit in them
You will waste away
Walking miles in someone else’s shoes

Copyright April 2016
Mulunga Alukwe


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