My heart bleeds
For a love that can never be mine
Yearning for a touch that burns
Yet still freezes my lonesome soul
You made me feel like i want to protect you
Let you lie down on my chest
Nuzzle you to sleep
As i slowly hum a slow dark song

That if i let you sleep in my arms
You will not have any more nightmares
I felt that somehow
My touch will make the insomnia go away
You were a hurting man
With an almost damaged and broken soul
That believes in true love
In its purest undiluted form
Willing to share yourself with someone
Searching for a soulmate
You made me want to protect you
From the big bad crappy world
So you can be happy and peaceful
You sought simple pleasures
Like the sun’s rays on your face
Walking barefeet on the grass and soil
You were not that complicated
Only a simplified version of a bad boy
Then you left
I knew today was coming
When you would not be mine
A love that can never be mine
Because you hurt too much
To trust that love would be simple
Without saying goodbye
I had to let you go
Now your heart bleeds
Can my song heal it

Copyright January 2016
Mulunga Alukwe


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