black and white movie

You and i are one
I don’t know how to cut away from this kiss
This kiss that is more pure than anything i have known
A kiss filled with intense flavors too strong for me to hold
I do not understand how and why
My whole body still wants more
More of this exhilarating yet frighteningly beautiful kiss
I am afraid to stop for air

I do not want to miss a moment
Of this earth defying kiss
I feel every tremble of your chest
Every pause of your lips on my own
Causing a thirst i do not want satiated by anyone else
Beauty, splendor or magnificence do not even describe
This kiss from your lips
I have loved every minute spent closer to your heart
A frighteningly beautiful kiss from you is what i have known
And wish to never miss for the rest of my life
It is the breath that makes me who i am
Creating moments that do not want to end
This kiss dissolves all the doubts i might have had about us
Your hold on me has remained permanent
With each kiss that we share when together

Copyright September 2015

Mulunga Alukwe

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