Children Playing Cricket In South Africa

Walking on grass in the early morning sun
Brings unimaginable joy
Peace that i have not experienced before
I become one with nature
Songs that birds sing in the morning
I have become accustomed to
Simple love i look forward to
The touch of a child’s smile

Screams of pure bliss from children playing
Flying kites laughing as they run
The beauty of the morning
Only rivaled by the setting in of dawn
Completed by the coming up of dusk
Mothers nursing their little ones
Singing melodies of happiness
Consoles my beating heart
Blue jeans run along the river bank
Rice fields are lazily blown by the wind
A moth rests on a baby’s nose
Such is the beauty of life in the now
The good old days often said
Start in this instant moment of tranquility
An embrace filled with wisdom from the elderly
Completes this fine moment
Captured in the lens of a photograph
Painted in every memory of a happy heart
Nothing else matters in life because
A future i had hoped for
Has finally come to pass

Copyright September 2015

Mulunga Alukwe


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