I watched you love another
As my heart broke into millions of pieces
I wanted to touch you yet i knew you were not mine
All o could think of was your fingertips in mine
Your kiss i desired so much to the point of insanity
Waiting as if watching a seed germinate and grow from the soil
I knew you could never be mine
Your heart belonged to someone else…her

All the feelings that kept coming to the surface
I tried to hide and laugh with you
Knowing i loved you so much that every part of me hurt
Just thinking that you could never be mine
I knew you only loved her
Your world revolved around her like a magnet
Every dream you had was meant for her and you together
Smiling when you waved back
Trying to push the tears away from my eyes
I knew i had no right to cry over you in any way
Yet i felt like i needed to cry you out of my life for good
Just so i can move on with my life without you
Because you had a heart that was not mine
Moments i dream of i know i have to let go of
If life is to forgive me
It would be for wishing you to be only mine
When i know you are hers
And she yours

Copyright September 2015

Mulunga Alukwe

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