He could not understand
How she had left the comfort of his arms
Why had she been so swayed by another’s touch
Did he not tell her how much he loved her
Being with her was his reason for living
She was his eternal happiness
The dance that his soul understood so well
She had taken him from a darkened abyss of fear

Given him a soft landing for his hurting fall
His heart ached with a desperate need to cry
He needed to be a man but his soul felt like a child
Could he forgive
Her defiling their sacred love they had matured together
What sin had he done in his past life to deserve this
It was an ultimate betrayal of trust
Words, angry words chocked his throat
Bile threatened to spill over
He needed a moment
Maybe even two
To stop the rage that shook his very foundation
Her touch now just burned his skin
The lips that spoke love to him now a disdain
He wouldn’t hear it
He couldn’t see it
How a love so generous pure even
Became so destroyed
Looking at her so frail he could not resist reaching out
He knew she needed him
Like he needed her
Why did he still love her with the entirety of the universe
He could be better
Love her more
Tell her he loved her more
Even though it was now a love on crutches
He still needed her
He had not loved her enough
They could still make it work
She begged forgiveness
He forgave her
She was all he wanted his life his love
He would take her back
She needed that
A new start at love

Copyright December 2015

Mulunga Alukwe


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