I see the seasons winding down
Spring came with fresh budding flowers
Crisp air brought new fresh rain
I knew you then
Our love was born anew
Invigorate it did

Summer sun burnt without mercy
Enjoying outdoors with you brought joy
I watched you swim in the cool waters
Dawn i looked forward to being beside your chest
Sooth me you did

Autumn bronzed tinted leaves blew in the wind
Browns, Yellows and oranges dotted the earth
Trees shed their leaves in preparation for new air
Like i shed all fear that you will leave me
Love me you did

Winter cold breezes make my nose wet
Curled under a blanket with you for warmth
Christmas lights dot the streets
Bells jingle in excitement for this season
Greens, Reds and Whites are all i see
Darling we made it through this year
Our love survived our seasons

I am the gift that will unwrap for you
Come Christmas morning i will still be in your arms
You my love are every season i have been through
Now i know
All i want for Christmas is your tenderness

Copyright September 2015

Mulunga Alukwe


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