Our eyes met in an instance from afar
You had that look that called out to me
Biting my tongue to stop a giggle
Staring quietly at your face
Questions rendered answer-less
Fires lit up then drizzled with water
A heart beat roaring like a lion
Should i fall behind

Join the line snaking its way to you
Imagining how your voice would sound
Can i dance through this fire
Grounds shifting pulling the distance close
In an instance your arms were around me
Mine clasped behind your neck
It was as if the music was written for us
The rhythm of the sound felt familiar
An arrogance in the air
Created beautiful yet confusing emotions
Swaying to a sinful song
A fragrance i could recognize, remember
Our steps clear of their intentions
We did not miss a beat of the music
Only inches apart we danced
Giving the best of myself to this moment
Fears, feelings, anticipations, quietness
All rested on relaxing shoulders
You knew your steps
Leading in this beautiful dance
Yours was dancing with a mist
Intense gazes into my depths
Swallowing uneasiness
Embracing a whim of the moment
“Hey BABY, let’s go home”
I knew his familiar voice
The unmistakable touch of his hand on my shoulder
Your eyes looked down at me
Full of questions, wondering, explanations
“All i wanted to do was dance” i said to you
And took HIS waiting hand

Copyright September 2015

Mulunga Alukwe


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