A-Z recites a love i have for you
A_n old T-Shirt i never want to take off, you
B_reathes love through my being
C_asting every fear of loosing you
D_edicated to me for eternity
E_very whisper like a new caress
F_ragrance of your words cover me
G_reatest lover i have ever known

H_azy memories hand woven in my heart
I_ succumb to you in innocence, faith, modesty
K_issing you like bringing Heaven down
L_ost in your seduction forever
M_eaningless without your essense
N_ot letting anyone hold me but you
O_ you are so wonderful
P_ackaged and spiced in romance
Q_uacking with excitement
R_eason for loving you is love
S_cent of your masculinity weakens me
T_empting the need to be together
U_ndying loyalty to each other’s committment
V_ehemently guarding our life together
W_ithout you there is no me
X_marks the spot my heart touched yours
Y_ou feel like home
Z_illion times better than fine wine

Copyright Novemver 2015

Mulunga Alukwe


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