She wanted to lash out
Scream her damn lungs out
Scratch out her heart
Bury her memories in concrete
Kick thoughts of him away
She needed to collapse her love
Laugh bitterly at herself
Then cry some more in pain
Pluck out every sense of him

Dig a grave and fill it with hatred
Drum beats became her solace
She had to seek revenge
Wanted to make it hurt
Make him feel the anguish she felt
A betrayal worse than David’s
She let her heels run wherever
She needed to flee fast
Run until her lungs gave in
You, come!
He was a geek, cute, but a geek
Standing amidst friends
At a bar laughing, drinking
She pulled his tie and led him away
Bewildered, he watched her
Eyes tear stained
Yet she never looked so beautiful
He stood and watched
As she roughly tore at his clothes
She wouldn’t let him move an inch
Stiffling a laugh as she unsuccesfully shoved him onto the bed
Hungry, or were they angry lips
Attacked his own that didn’t object
This was her revenge
One wild, unbidden, outrageous
Night of passion with her stranger
A stranger she would never love
She knew
She was never good at one night stands
Yet here she was
Forbidden instincts let loose
Self control lost, she would never hurt
All she needed was physical retribution
Against him, or was it against herself
Stranger in her arms
Only for this night to forget pain
Day 60 of the one night stand
He never left her arms

Copyright January 2016
Mulunga Alukwe


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