Words Words Words
Let me confess my affair with words
I eat Words
I sleep Words
I sweat Words
I dream of Words when i sleep
My nightmares are made of Words attacking me
But i love it
Words move me

Words create me
Words are me
I am Words
Words define who I am
My words teach me patience
I live, breathe, inhale, exhale Words
Creativity is born in my Words
When i am cut
I bleed Words
When i hurt i cry Words
When i love i embrace Words
Words evolve around me
I kiss Words goodnight when i go to sleep
I sweat Words on heavy tough days
Words have comforted me
My Words engage my brain
Words are my living breath
Blood flowing in me is burgundy with Words
I exist only for Words
Take away my words
You have cruelly taken away my precious life
Words were born in me
I will give birth to Words
Flesh covers my body
Words protect my body
Words invigorate my thirsty soul
Quenching salacious needs
Words, what would i do without Words
I dance in words
For Words
With Words
Inside Words
I have an affair with Words
I was born and live in flesh
But i am made of Words
Words Words Words
I’m all Words
I’m every Word
I’m soft Words
I’m hard Words
I’m sarcastic Words
I’m kinky Words
I’m solid Words
I ‘m many Words
I am Words
So Sir Lesmo Mammut
Does that answer your question
Am i made of Flesh or Words

Copyright October 2015

Mulunga Alukwe


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