There he stood before me eyes pensively staring at me
I had been whisked away by another man’s love
Enticed by the notion of the grass being greener on the other side
Deeply tangled in new emotions i have yet to understand
Yet he was still the one for me my love
Tears welled in his eyes at the realization of my unfaithfulness
I could see his soul through those eyes trying to understand
Had he not given me enough love?

Was his undying devotion to me not that important?
Was his tenderness to much for me to comprehend?
Did his love making not satiate the need for his touch?
Were his words of love not exclusive enough for me?
I had all the answers but could not utter a word
He was enough for me, he is enough for me
His tears haunting me as they snaked their way to his trembling lips i wanted to touch
His hands hang on his side having no strength to hold me back
He turned away from me but i grabbed him back crying on his back
I still love this man i cannot let him slip away from me
He gave in to the immense pain that his chest carried
His sobs dug deep into my heart like clawing at a raw wound
My arms around his neck trying to make him turn and look at me
I had no right to ask for anything from him
He had loved me to the utmost and impeccable love possible
There he stood before me like a wounded lion a wolf howling in pain
I had
Tainted our memories
Tainted us
Tainted our journey
Tainted our kisses
Tainted our future
Yet here i was undeserving of retribution or forgiveness
With trembling lips i touched his with mine searching for a second chance
Please take me back, i whispered

Copyright November 2015

Mulunga Alukwe


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