Heaven and Earth knew
We became one when we met
Your intimidating lovely eyes
Undressed the covers of my heart
Revealing the feelings i was hiding
Your lips as tempting as the forbidden fruit
Feeling them gives me a trembling heart
Wonder what kind of harm should be

If i dared touched your lips with mine
Underneath your reinments
I can feel the ripples of your skin
Telling a story of sound loneliness
Your hands hold me oh so close
I crumble down like fine breadcrumbs
Your fingertips on my face
Turn me into molten larva
Hot, wild and destructive
In the caress that defines your love
I want you in the morning dew
Under a cool shade in the scorching sun
Inside the evening breeze that closes the day
Alone in the pouring rain
Together when the day becomes calm
The beauty of the moon and stars at night
Make you a late night charmed lover
It all feels right
To kiss you as you fall asleep
In the perfect silence of my boudoir
You are my only love
Rest on my bossom awaiting the morning sun

Copyright September 2015

Mulunga Alukwe

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