I walk these lands on my barefeet
Tasting fresh earth with my toes
Toes that twiggle with anxiety
Have i lived enough in these lands
Have my words taught or inspired
Who is it that knows me
Knows when my heart is aloof
Or even when my mind is blank with white

Dances created in life
Have become part of the mystical beauty
My romance has evolved often
I have learnt to love with little resolve
Woe unto a naked soul that withers
Who shall say, you lived
Trees whistle in the wind as if on cue
I know you dear poet, they whisper
These lands have been my pain
They have delivered sound beauty
Also created a serene thoughtless life
My barefeet leave sudden foot prints
Sands of time tell me time has not moved
Under the stars i have made love
To words that have often escaped my eyes
Judge me not fellow poets
Once i learnt to draw ink
I never let my Quill dry up for decades
Death is a mystery i fascinate over
Life is a puzzle i long to understand
Poems from a chaotic soul i have written
Poems from my barefoot i shall write
I am a poet
But i wonder
Will they know me

Copyright February 2016
Mulunga Alukwe


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