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He was the sculptor she heard about, was it in her dreams
A man with hands gentle yet solid as steel
Eyes that saw through a soul like glass
Nose that smelled the scents of wild nature
His sense of touch a velvet essence of vanilla moments
His voice the base of an accordion of classical musical instruments

She was the perfect muse to reignite his fire
Her flawless smooth skin a legend of times
Her long legs went on for days, years
Mounds on her chest perfectly at their peak
Thighs that favored her small waist spoke tenderly
Gingerly feet beautified her wholesome self
Contour on her back a poet’s dream come true
Her belly button rested on her sculpted stomach
Flat as a wooden mahogany floor board
Her lips moist with spicy ginger myrrh

He understood the beauty of her nakedness
He dreamt of capturing her essence in dark fragranced clay
He would mould her with imperfections yet so perfect
Every curve of her body he would create
Three dimensional he would form that picturesque form

She sat on a stone early morning, eyes distant
Not a single thread on her
Rays of the sun wildly shone on her nakedness

He was awed by that insane beauty of this female
Her aura called to him like a desert willing rain to fall
He let the blood stop howling in his veins first
Clay in his hands he began to dance with it
Eternity he had for this moment

Standing before him she closed her eyes and inhaled deeply
Warmth of the sun made her skin tingle with delight
In his presence she felt no shame
This sculptor would capture her youthfulness
He was her redemption
She needed a validation of her beauty she protected
She knew he would give her that

He drank in the nakedness of her beauty
He let his eyes pore deeper than her skin allowed
As hands spun the earth in his fingers that pleaded to touch
His work of art
A beautiful work he wished to sink into

He was the sculptor
She was the inspiration

Would he feel my lips, she wondered silently
Would she let me feel her lips, he silently wondered
Art could wait

Copyright December 2015

Mulunga Alukwe


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