She thought he was waiting for her
“We need to take a break”
Was the letter he wrote to her
“We need to find our feelings”
The letter went on to say
It wasn’t a letter but an email he sent
What had she not done
What had she done wrong

What had she not said
What had she said
To make him want to step back
From a love she thought would last
Inside her head she had known
Always fearing he would walk away
Could her grief had caused him to leave
Every word in the message sought answers
Her heart sank knowing this was it
She had hoped a future existed with him
Why end it now, when she needed him
“We will talk face to face, i promise”
His words went on stabbing at her
Somehow she mourned, denied, was angry, depressed then accepted
Life without him eased out, she forgot
Eight years piled on, she saw him again
Familiar feelings erupted
Did she want him back
Did he want her back
Signs showed he wanted her back
Unsaid words were never settled
She knew what she wanted
He knew how much she loved him
Was he just playing with her heart
She could not admit to him
Eight years she waited for ‘the break and to find feelings’
Another loved her yet she refused
“He might ask me back in his life”
“What if i give in to another and he wants me back”
Thoughts that ran in her mind as she waited…for Eight years
Maybe it would work out this time, she concluded
She did not realize or see the signs
That she had been a fool at love
Her heart burnt when she saw her! His woman! Married?!

Copyright October 2015

Mulunga Alukwe


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