Your absence will be the death of me
I do not want you to leave
Yet you are not mine
My defense system screams to keep you
Tear drops fill this ocean of love
A musical beating of the heart
Fear crawling underneath my skin
Running away from the hardest feelings

Bring me back to your arms
Red petals of a rose turn into a pale pink
Fading the color of our belonging together
Can cries be enough to keep you with me
Or winds of mercy let your heart discover
Mine is not soundly resting in peace
Knowing your warmth is far from me
Give me sanity to my tired mind
Bring happiness to my weary smile
The only difference that i need in my soul
Seeing your presence within my shadow
Is enough to relive the anguish i ended without you
Look back at my soul before you leave me

Copyright September 2015

Mulunga Alukwe


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