Wake up to the fresh aroma
Of freshly brewed coffee
Let the sweet scent create excitement in your palette
Chose a moist creamy cake from the menu sprinkled with cinnamon
Let your brain be awakened to the endless possibilities
That writing presents
Let each morsel of fine breakfast engage your heart
Take you to a place where words easily flow

Each bite respond to ideas flowing freely in your head
A beautiful day awaits your creative sense
Rhymes begin to bounce in your heart as the fresh coffee kicks in
The mental block slowly disappearing
Creating an expansive space for creativity
Fingers now itching to be inked
Fingerprints wanting to impress paper
Indulge in your breakfast
Take your time at Nairobi Poetry House
We love to have special guests
Who we hope to inspire
Who inspire us still
Ask for a refill of the fresh coffee
Another slice of yummy cake
Will it be chocolate cake this time
Or Black Forest
Or maybe peanut cookies to go with your coffee
It’s served hot, we promise
Let your mind wonder
As you dunk the cookie in your sweetened cup
Take yourself to a world of ecstatic moments
Remember a love
Or even forget a love
Life’s moments last in your heart
Relived in the present moments
Write what your hand is inspired
Be a rebel with your words
Grind against the wind of thought
Let emotions reign supreme
Take your power back in Prose
Make fiction become real
Believe your words
Your words will in turn believe you
Powerful yet simplified
As you take your last bite of your breakfast
Hold your words in your heart
Till you find that notepad
Where you can let loose your creative juices
A writer is a writer
A poet is a poet
Your words are your words
We are glad to host you
Come back again
Come with a friend too
Oh yeah
Don’t forget to tip the waiter
You know how
Don’t you
By leaving your word

Copyright 2015 Mulunga Alukwe


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