I wake up in the middle of the night
With an incessant need to write
I cannot stop the words that are flooding my fingers
Because there is no longer
Space in my brain to contain them
Like searching for a light switch in the dark
I reach out and look for my notepad
My faithful pen that never complains

When i start pressing it on plain paper
I know i don’t say thank you enough
To my Maker for allowing
My emotions
My thoughts
My feelings
My life
My love
My experiences
My daydreams
My fantasies
Even my story to come alive on paper
Thoughtlessness become mentoring advice
I feel a need to just write about
All things
This quiet stillness of the night
Makes me want to cry silently
It’s too beautiful not to listen to nothing but your heart beat
So quiet my breath escapes from me without notice
I should be asleep at this pre-breaking dawn hour
1:01 am night is so still
I feel like orgasming in romance
Night gives you a tenderness that’s exquisite
A need to close your eyes and create a world you want
I keep turning pages writing like i’m in a deep trance
I never say thank you enough to my fingers
For never complaining
When i write in maddening speed
Or when i write for hours on end with no break
So thank you my devoted fingers
For without you my heart would shut down
For having no outlet to empty its contents
I feel this calmness i have not felt before
Like i know my life means something
Born for a purpose, i think
Love has eluded me at times
Love has drowned me at times
Love has romanced me at times
Love has caused me pain at times
Yet i still love, will still love
I have sat here under the midnight lamp
Writing and then stopping to meditate
3:03 am i still don’t have a title for this poem
Is this a poem, i wonder

Confessions of a night crawler

And there my title escapes my heart
I should now go to sleep
I have emptied the contents of my heart
Which now feels lighter
“Turn off the lights beautiful”
He pulls me back into the comfort of his sleepy arms

Copyright September 2015

Mulunga Alukwe

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