I have been anxiously waiting for you
Saddened that your heart is blind
Blinded by the past heartbreaks
Too blind to see that you’re all i want
You are my future and past
Created in this present moment
I yearn your touch that is heavenly

Everything in me screams for you
You have hidden behind regrets
Guilt that composed its own music in you
Shielded your emotions like a tower
You leave no memories behind
Forgetting to love completely
Why do you cause such pain
When i love you in a dozen lifetimes
You have gone and left only smoke
Afraid to give your heart a chance
My words not enough
To show you that love is worth it
I know you love me back
Your eyes cannot betray what your heart wants
Your feet don’t know how to hide
That it is me you want to come to
You want to run away
You have already run away from love
Twice you were shy to say it
Ignoring the senses that strive on
Stop sweating to forget her
New moments await you
I can only promise to love you all i can
Screams for your love torment my nights
Empty bed sheets freeze my being
House full of lonely echoes
Feels like i’m living in a ghost town
Smell of your manly aftershave
Drives me to the walls of unhappiness
Even your shoes are where you left them
I don’t want to forget how to dance with you
How to laugh inside your heart
Or how to listen to your warmth
I will still be here
Counting days
Find my lips when you’re done running

Copyright September 2015

Mulunga Alukwe


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