Fire ball
Metal ball
Kinky ball
Ball ball

Fire stone
Gem stone
Blurry stone
Stone stone


Fire light
Bigger light
Semi light
Light light

Fire storm
Summer storm
Monday storm
Storm storm

Fire burn
Skin burn
Waste burn
Burn burn

Fire board
Walk board
Total board
Board board

Fire diamond
Sparkly diamond
Black diamond
Diamond diamond

Fire love
Hello love
Bye love
Love love

Fire chocolate
Dark chocolate
Melting chocolate
Chocolate chocolate

Fire orgasm
Broken orgasm
White orgasm
Orgasm orgasm

Fire music
Soul music
Rap music
Music music

Fire nasty
Street nasty
City nasty
Nasty nasty

Fire dance
Soft dance
Misty dance
Dance dance

Fire break
Platinum break
Winter break
Break break

Fire vapour
Harsh vapour
Dream vapour
Vapour vapour

Fire boiler
Bubbly boiler
Over boiler
Boiler boiler

Fire kinks
Breaking kinks
Thread kinks
Kinks kinks

Fire hose
Pipe hose
Deep hose
Hose hose

Fire works
Teary works
Heavy works
Works works

Fire flies
House flies
Dirty flies
Flies flies

Camp fire
Hot fire
Easter fire
Fire fire

Copyright November 2015

Mulunga Alukwe


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