Loving you is a feast i enjoy having with you
Hold me
So i know you are still mine
Kiss me
So i know you belong to me
Make love to me
So you know i am all yours
To love you tenderly
Brings joy to my dear heart

I have not been loved like this before
Now i know
Unconditional love makes you whole
I am complete because you complete me
Body and soul
I have experienced inexplicable love
That is unwavering
Because your arms are around me always
I have no fear
Of the unknown
Or any darkness
Your love and mine
Is what i know so well
That i am
Completely and utterly smitten by you
I want all your love making
Because it all belongs to me
Nothing separates my committment to your soul
Any looming darkness disappears
Because you are near me
I surrender completely
To your kiss that astounds me
Flooring me completely
To the point of insanity
Love me more always
As without a doubt you are mine
Only mine
This Friday
And every Friday
For the rest of our days

Copyright January 2016
Mulunga Alukwe

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