Those words silently escape my lips
I am on the verge of death
Life i have lived to see 90
I have always run from you
Hidden behind life being cruel to me
Hurts that never seem to end
Tears a constant supply in my heart
Face never seemed to smile

I refused to listen to the preacher
Closing my ears to the call for salvation
You never existed for me
What Father leaves their child alone
Watched as his parents die
Arrested and beaten without guilt
Laughed at by the whole world
Because of a stammer that couldn’t be controlled

What protector
Would keep silent as i was being mugged
As a homeless man
Limbs broken and tortured
A limp that is a constant reminder
Broken down garbage truck my home
Source for food that stunk
But my hunger pangs did not give a damn or care
Hunger and thirst first, then the smell would come later
69 years i lived in hatred of you
Blamed you for my life’s misfortunes

I am on the verge of death
I feel i need to repent now
Forgive me Lord for my utter ignorance
For seeing life only through my pain
Forgetting the air you freely give me
For strength not to kill myself when parents left so suddenly

You have been my protector
When that stray bullet missed my heart
Or when poison from the garbage
Did not end my life suddenly like it did Stuffy
I could still walk even with broken limbs
Not a day did i lay down in fever
I could have died waiting for man’s sympathy
You brought beautiful rain to quench the scorching hot sun
Tears i cried washed my tired eyes
I have been selfish in hating you
When you did nothing but love me
Forgive my unforgiveness, take me home
Halleluhya, words silently escape my lips

Copyright December 2015

Mulunga Alukwe

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