He knew he was to be a man
Yet his eyes watered without a care
His life was about to change
Happiness he yearned was to be his
Life had been kind to him
Love had favored his heart
Everything else sank to oblivion

The only thing he knew
Her husband he would be on this day
The weather was perfect
Sun shone sparingly at them
Flowers drank in the rays
Whites, pinks and pale blue roses
Turned the church into a small garden
Simple laughter swam in the air
Designed anticipation built up
His love was about to walk down the aisle
Nothing mattered anymore
His love for her she knee about
Young love now matured to aged love
Separated after seven years
Fate was telling him it was meant to be
The tingle of tears burnt his eyes
He promised her he wouldn’t cry
Some promises couldn’t be upheld
The first tear escaped his eyes
Snaked down his cheeks
As he remembered their love
She would finally be his
He hers for the rest of eternity
Popping a white handkerchief from his pocket
She had put it there just in case, she said
He dabbed the emotional tear away
He needed to see the whole of her
Glassy eyes would make it harder
Music started playing on the grand piano
There she was
A picture of virgin white perfection
Glowing in a lacy veil, she floated to him
Heart erupting in loving emotion
He cried again seeing her coming
His love, His life, His heart
There she was

Copyright September 2015

Mulunga Alukwe


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