You left my arms wanting
Thinking i would wake up to your warmth
Your scent that keeps me sane
My body tingles at the memories
Of limbs intertwined as if forever
A dance that combusted substances
Creating blue rains of contentment

Orange dawns anticipate your touch again
I know you will be back
As we have not had our fill
Of the exquisite pot of honey
Lips dripping with soft desires
Skin lighting up with burning sensations
I have not yet recovered
From being sunken in silk sheets
By your masculinity
Your hold on me is permanent
Again i need you in my arms
Again i want you on my bosom
Again i expect you at my side
Again and Again i crave your kiss
Tomorrow don’t leave before i wake up
I will need you to love me once more
Standing at this window
Warm cup in my hand
Draped only in silk sheets
I await your return again
When you will sink me
Into these luxurious silk sheets
Again like you did last night
With your masculinity that’s overwhelming
Putting the warm cup on the coffee table
Again i smile to myself
He left before dawn
He will be back before dusk

Copyright September 2015

Mulunga Alukwe


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