Her aura called to him like metal to a magnet
He couldn’t understand how someone so wrong
Could tug at his heart’s strings like fire
All he could see
Was how he wanted her in his life
She rode on a midnight black Harley Davidson motorbike
Completely oblivious of judgmental eyes
He was dizzy with admiration

Wind on his face bore no effect
Life had suddenly stopped
Fairy tales became real
Nightmares none existent
Day dreams possible
Could she see him
Would she know
How fallen he was in love with her
He was at the mercy of her charm
Slave to severe feelings of need
Male species competed for her attention
Bad-ass! Words thrown around her
She was queen of the castle
Her own mistress
Her own boss
Could he conquer her
Would he dare speak
He made up his mind to match her attitude
She got ink
He’d get ink
She rode a motorcycle
He’d get…well pose next to one
His world was to turn upside down
For love, For love only
It was time
He turned into a bad boy for her

Copyright 2015 Mulunga Alukwe


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