He watched as i loved another
Smiled through a hurting heart
When i laughed with him
Always there when i had my heart broken
He introduced us
Said we would be happy together
My best friend that i told everything to
Advice when i needed it

Yet his heart had chosen
To discretely love me too
There he stood from afar
Watching us
Unblinking teary eyes
A quiet resolve to forget
To let me be with that other man
Saying he was happy for us
Hiding the emotions he could not tell anyone
The thoughts that he kept hidden in his heart
I knew
I did not want to know
I knew he was hurting yet i could not admit it
I had loved another first
When i cried he made me laugh and forget
Now he is gone
Still he waits for me

Copyright November 2015

Mulunga Alukwe


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