Born into a world full of questions with no answers
Where being a woman tempts full blooded mortal men
She knew the full extent of her beauty
Mama always said she was beautiful and no one should tell her otherwise
Papa told her no one would love her like he did
No one would lie to her ever again
She’d never kissed him
Yet he played with her tender heart

Her first love, Her first heartbreak, Her first pain
She knew love would hurt but not this much
Then came he
An Adonis of a man
Written and scripted in Greek Mythology
She’d heard of them
Men with the ability to turn hearts into molten larva
Siege the soul in a prison of ecstasy
He was the big bad wolf grandma warned her about
Why was her body betraying her resolved heart
She couldn’t let him touch her, She would die of desire
He seemed like a dream, yet more real than the setting sun
Oh why did he have to invoke such undisciplined thoughts
Raise indecent needs that raised her hair follicles
A breath caught in her throat when he was inches from her face
Why couldn’t her being respect her resolve to never engage a man’s charm
So soon after being hurt
Needles to say she knew she wanted him as did he her
Could this be the love she had known she needed
Would he take care of her heart like she expected
Love. What is it about love that weakens, slices yet strengthens
Be mine and i will love and protect your heart, he told her
She deserved the world to be laid at her feet
She had already given in, she knew it, she embraced it
Taking her hand into his the dance of centuries began
Softly intertwining inside the other’s unmentionable motions
This is where she understood loving without reservations
He was her aftermath
Her thirst quenched
Her emotions regarded
He knew so well that
Her body is the temple
He was the only one to worship at it

Copyright November 2015

Mulunga Alukwe


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