He won’t even look at me
He won’t speak with me
Or to me
Eyes turned away
As if the mere sight of me
Boils his anger to deadly Fahrenheit
Squeezing his forehead tightly
With his long angry fingers
He breaths deeply

So deeply i fear his breath will not be enough
To contain all the vehemence boiling up
I know him
I understand his emotions
I know it when he gets like that
I want to stitch up his veins
Veins angrily staring back at me
I know it so well
He’s mad
Really, really mad
His eyes dart to the wall
Does he want to hit it
Climb it
Yell at it
I sit there waiting
Knowing he can never hurt me
I know its all my fault
He left me
After we argued last night
I cried in another man’s arms
A man i called my Ex
Who does such foolishness
He’s mad
Really, really mad

Copyright 2015 November

Mulunga Alukwe

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