The night of many nights to come
Years of loving now rolled into one
Refusing to give in to tempting morsels
2nd May 2020 vows made in earnest
He my husband, I his wife
Eyes dark with mystery and mischief
Here he stood before me
He was everything my simple world needed

A statue of muscle and strength
His arms spoke of wars fought and won
His heart beat so hard in its chest
Bouncing off those majestic ripples
Dark and inviting like mature coffee
Lips curved perfectly into that face that was now mine
Bound by a need to be together
Inhaling sharply i let him stand near me
His lip’s touch brought down my guard
Melting every inch of my wanting skin
He had every right over me
I knew i would drown in his conscience
My flesh could not resist the touch of his lips
Like a moth drawn to a fluorescent light
I was attracted to his marble body
Even death would not keep me away
From his scent that drew me in willingly
Frozen, Wordless, Insane, i stood watching him
The inches separating us disappearing
He was lovely in every way
Overcome by thoughts of devouring him
I silently begged forgiveness for lusting
Nothing could rival the way
His kiss turned me upside down, inside out
He hadn’t even touched me yet
Save me from this madness
Keep me in this madness
My fingers itching to feel that luxurious dark skin
Blood in my veins dancing in anticipation
Everything never existed before this moment
He had my love, my respect, my passion, my heart
Our wedding night, Our first night, Chained together
He knew
I knew
I would not unwrap myself from him
His skin left me speechless

Copyright October 2015

Mulunga Alukwe


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