I could see him out of the corner of my eye
He was looking at me
Mystery and wonder in his eyes
My heart started beating fast
When i a moment he was close
I wanted this
Yet i stood up and walked into the kitchen
To steady my rugged heart

Downing a glass of water
Trying to calm my nerves down
My being froze
He was standing behind me
So close i could smell his after shave
Woody and musky with a hint of cypress
He held my waist and turned me to him
Two inches apart from his lips
I gently pushed his chest away
“If we give in to this intensity
And then what?” I questioned him
“Then we’ll know what happens next” he said
“I want to know what happens first
Then we can give in to this intensity”
He looked down at me almost in pain
His face full of disappointment
“Let me take you home”
Silence followed us out his door
Evening calm was setting in
Breeze was so cool on my face
He kept stealing glances at me
My stomach in knots over indecision
The bus came to a halt in front of us
In an instant i was in his arms
It seemed to last forever
“The bus is here,” i tried to wiggle out of his hold
“I don’t care,” he kept holding me
It felt like hours we stood like that
“People are staring at us,” i tried to loosen the hold
“I don’t care,” he pulled me in tighter
“Can’t i just hold you a little longer,” he pleaded
So i let him
My door bell rang
1 am in the morning
It was he
Pulling me in his arms soon as the door closed
“I can’t keep away from you,” he spoke in my neck
Then stay. With me. Tonight
So we sat down
And talked
The whole night

Copyright December 2015

Mulunga Alukwe


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