I have been weakened by temptation
Almost destroyed by sin
I have lied without mercy
Stolen without regard to men
I am only made of dirt
Lifeless without your breath in me LORD
Forgive this man of unclean lips
Lips that have led me to the arms of mistresses
Lips that have made me become a mistress

I have destroyed my heart with hatred
Greed caused me to forget sense
Envy led me to sin against you LORD
My need for success caused my conscience to fail
I have deadened my spirit to lie without guilt
Corrupted all my intentions just to get wealth
Wealth i have used to bribe satisfaction
LORD forgive this man of unclean lips
Lips that kissed mother goodnight
Yet spoke falsely against an innocent
Causing mayhem in the universe
I have murdered
I have strangled
I have killed
All in the name of destroying my enemies
I refused to walk away from sin
Flee from temptation i indulged in
I did not
This man of unclean lips
Is humbly at your feet
Seeking nothing but forgiveness
Forgiveness from self loathing
Cleanse my heart from deep hurt
Knees trembling i know i am unworthy
Look upon me with grace LORD
Wrap me in your perfection
Cover me with your mercy
Dirt of the earth i am
I accept
I understand
I embrace
I know
I am a man of unclean lips
Save me from myself i plead

Copyright February 2016
Mulunga Alukwe


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