I play late into the darkest night alone
Yet still feeling you
Telling myself i have not left you unaided or lost
I had a chance to love you
Yet my fingers would not let go of the piano
Seeping tunes of wordless music
Because you are not there
I refuse to let go of the moments that made sense in me

My life so divided
And sometimes unnecessarily chaotic
My only excuse for not being there
I am only the piano player
I am doing just fine getting over this heartache
Wanted to love you like nobody else could
I set myself on this journey
That made me need you so much
Up till now i cannot let the grandness of piano playing be
I chose a piece of instrument
With no heart or flesh
With no arms to hold me in the middle of a cold night
A piece of wood that cannot give me sweet words or affection
My only comfort is that i loved you on this piano
It knows our deepest darkest secrets
Secrets that we dare tell no one
Knowing ours was an eternal magnetism
Words need not be said
When my fingers stopped playing the piano
To be intertwined into yours
Curled into portions of suppleness
It’s the end of the road for my earth song
Tunes of music played by you
Fade away because
I am only the piano player

Copyright September 2015

Mulunga Alukwe


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