You must eat baby, i gently scold him
But i’m so tired, he pouts his lips like a four year old
I must laugh at his ridiculous effort at sticking his tongue out at me
Come now, lets get you cleaned up
He grudgingly follows me to the bedroom
In a few seconds his reinments are on the floor
I take one second more to marvel at his glorious nakedness
Lead me not into temptation, i plead silently

He’s leaning on the bathroom door eyes closed
I stand on my toes and kiss his eyes open
Don’t fall asleep baby, i warn, i don’t have the strength to carry you
I lather my hands and start
With his dark curly hair massaging it
As the warm water falls on his back
I wash his face with my hands
From his bushy eyebrows
To his cheecks and ears
Down to his day old beard
Turn around, i say to him
He obediently does as he is told
I wash his stiff neck
Broad shoulders that are tought but relax at my touch
Following his spinal cord to the hollow on his back
Down to his thighs and feet
I make him face me again
Gently i wash his muscled chest
Those perfectly formed stomach muscles
Down to every part of his anatomy
Finally i pat him dry with a white cotton towel
And then lead him to our purple duvet covers
I peck his forehead goodnight
As he murmers incoherently falling asleep
Watching him breath softly i think to myself
Boy, do i love this man

3 am a prodding on my back wakes me
His warm chest to my back
Arms around my waist
His fingers resting on my stomach
I owe you an orgasm, he whispers biting at my earlobe
Him burried in me conciously wakes me up
My arms around his relaxed neck
I let him have his way with me
Nothing i couldn’t do for this man
Come, he brushes my lips with his
In a scoop i am folded into his arms
It’s my turn to give you a bath, he winks at me

Copyright January 2016
Mulunga Alukwe

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