Daddy left us when i was 10
I only remember mom holding me close
Saying it was only me and her now
Ten years later i don’t recall his face
I am so angry he left
I am sad he left us alone
I am confused why he left me
I am mad he left mom alone

Questions with no answers
Scars refusing to heal
Wounds too raw to linger on too long
I almost forgot he ever existed
Daddy was never there
Before i had you
He also left me
Bringing out all old wounds
Wounds that were healing
Everything crashed again
I was so angry he left
I was so sad he left me alone
I was confused why he walked away
I was mad he left so painfully
Questions still with no answers
Scars refusing to heal completely
Then came you
You didn’t promise never to leave
Only said you’d tell me first
Before walking away from my embrace
Sleep has found its way to my eyes
I no longer have hollow dreamless nights
Because you hold me until i fall asleep
Breathing next to your chest is comforting
Nuzzling into your scent gives me peace
Ten years later i know your face so well
Lying next to you is everything i want
I can sleep with a smile on my face
Even if you leave know that
I don’t have nightmares
When you sleep beside me

Copyright December 2015

Mulunga Alukwe


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