Dear LORD hear my one plea
I know YOU have the last word in my life
YOU created me in my mother’s womb
YOU knew how each bone would connect
How my blood vessels would interlock
Even what color my eyes would be
YOU knew my name, Mulunga Alukwe
Even before my mother would think it

YOU knew if i would cry the day i was born
How magnificent are YOUR creations
YOU know the strands of hair on my head
The pores that line my entire being
The veins that trail my skin
YOU have created me in YOUR wonder
The beauty that can only be YOURS
LORD YOU know everything i think
Every word i speak YOU have seen it
Every tear i shed in pain YOU knew
Every laughter YOU knew before i even laughed
Each angry word i spoke
YOU had heard it before
In YOUR faithful love
YOU forgive me before i even ask
I know my life has no meaning without YOU
YOU hold the very breath i breathe
In YOUR majestic HANDS
I can do nothing without YOUR breath in me
I know YOU are too profound
Too magnificent
Even too humongous
For my little self to comprehend
I do not understand how YOU heal
How life forms in nature
Yet i know my heart is in awe of YOU
LORD YOU love me unconditionally
YOU give meaning to my minuscule life
YOU say i am the Apple of YOUR eye
That YOU hold me in the palm of YOUR hand
YOU even consider me more important
Than the birds of the air
The beautiful Lilies in the field
YOU will not let me hit my feet on rocks
All these just for me LORD
I can never understand YOU
YOU know the day i was born
YOU know the day i will die
Yet i have the audacity to ask
Plead even
That i am not ready for the grave yet
I don’t want to die tonight
Let me see tomorrow
So i may again raise my voice to YOU
In gratitude that i am alive again
All because YOU allowed it
Oh GOD let me see another of YOUR beautiful sunrise

Copyright December 2015

Mulunga Alukwe


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